Who I Am

My Story

Faye Fearless is every woman. She is me. And she is you.

She is strong, confident, fearless, and unrelenting.

She never gives up. And she never backs down.

I was not born to the Fearless name. I grew up in Maine and later Arizona. I was picked on and bullied in elementary and middle school, verbally but never physically. 8th grade was the worst that I can remember. I ate my lunch in a stall in the bathroom because it was safe. I lied to my mom about being sick so I could stay home from school. The anxiety I associated with my school and peers was paralyzing. Throughout my schooling until high school I tried so hard to fit in, to homogenize. I didn’t want to be an individual. I just wanted to be like them. If I could go unnoticed that was ideal.

That all changed when I returned to my hometown in Maine for high school. On the first day of school as a freshman, I knew no one. I needed friends. I also needed some place to sit at lunch. So I picked a table of seemingly friendly looking people, sat down, and introduced myself. I picked well. The women at this table are still my closest friends 10+ years later.

I knew what I needed most in that moment, friends. I took a chance and pulled out some bravery I didn’t know I had. Those friends influenced me greatly.

You couldn’t really classify them. They were not popular, preppy, jocs, geeks, goths, or druggies. They were kind of weird and very goofy, mostly they acted and existed as they were. Each of them was true to themselves and each was fearless. We never took notice of other groups, what they wore, how they acted, what parties they went to because we could care less. We had our own lives and our own fun.

I realize now this is the origin story of Faye Fearless. In that cafeteria, in those hallways, and at the many sleepovers. I was not bullied in high school, or if was I didn’t notice. I did not change greatly from 8th grade to 9th. I was still a nerdy, redhead with no fashion sense.

The difference was my attitude towards myself. My confidence in and comfortability with who I was and still am today. It is my shield.

Who is this site for?

This site is dedicated to every woman. I want every woman to feel in control of her life and in charge of who she can become. You cannot change who you are in this moment, but you can take control from here.

“If I am not the me I want to be, that is okay, but just for today. Tomorrow that me will fade away.” -Faye Fearless

You will find articles on fringe topics, minority subcultures, methods for personal growth. You will also find a series of audio interviews conducted with members of various subcultures with unique histories and stories.

What will I learn here?

The goal of this site is to educate and empower women. Each article is intended to be practical, informative, action-oriented, and focused on interesting and rarely found content. You will hear personal stories and lessons from members of the LGBT, polyamory, and kink communities. You will learn to be fearless, confident, and informed. I hope you will be inspired and changed by this content. I think you will be.

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