I dated a psychopath! – Recognizing unhealthy relationships & How to guard yourself

Learn how to recognize a psychopath, their characteristics and actions. See if you are at risk for being targeted and how to guard yourself against becoming a victim. Learn what happens when you are in a relationship with a psychopath, what it looks and feels like from the inside and outside. Notes from an interview with… Read More

Personal biases on submissiveness & Why you should complain more

Don’t oblige anyone. Out of respect or subservience.  Question everything. Why am I doing this? Is this good for me? I’d like to start by talking a little about myself, about my own biases, and how I view this topic. The importance of recognizing bias especially as an author, to me, is under considered. I… Read More

Triggers of submissiveness: people, places, and situations

Things that make you passive, submissive, overly accommodating, or quiet. Read through the list below, check mark anything you recognize in your own life. I don’t stand up for myself when… I am tired I have low self worth or value I have low self confidence I am embarrassed I feel uncomfortable It is a… Read More

How to clearly communicate your needs and wants (breaking the submissive mold)

No one can read your mind. From passive to active, changing the way we speak to clearly communicate our needs and wants. How to get what you want: 1. Speak clearly and directly, always. “You should have known how that would make me feel.” “You hurt me. I did not want you to go out… Read More

Recognizing unhealthy submissive behavior

Do you submit to the will of others without realizing it? Do you struggle to ask for what you want? What does submissiveness really look like? I don’t explicitly say how I feel. I want tacos. He wants subs. We eat subs. I say I’m fine, but I really want someone to ask me what’s wrong. I’m not… Read More